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Although you could find cheaper parts, this is NOT advised. Low quality, unproven parts WILL lead you to major headaches and troubles down the way. From my own experiences and money wasted on instable hardware, I recommend only high quality parts for any price point.

Questions about this setup? Want me to choose the parts for your perfect custom-made stock trading PC? Contact me and I can help you build your perfect PC. May vary slightly after you "add to cart". This multi-monitor computer includes 8 monitors for this LOW price! NOTE: Make sure that you have a router, ethernet cables, etc as you'll of course need those to connect online.

I pick and choose the best parts at the lowest price that week so you can save big and start working now. It's a rocket. When you click " Add to my Amazon Cart ", my software will automatically create a cart with all parts already in your cart. At that point, you may modify it or buy it as it is. Amazon has very fast shippinggreat support and warranty policies.

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How to Set Up Your Trading Screens

Scroll down to see the "Send" button Name Email I'm interested in Top video cards for multiple monitor computers - July Best p Monitors - July If you want to be the best trader you can be, then you are going to need to have a decent monitor. Several, where possible. This will allow you to see as many of your trades as possible at once without the need to constantly be clicking about, which is not only going to get confusing after a while, but also has the potential to be a complete waste of time.

After all, when you are trading incredibly volatile stocks, each and every second spent clicking about could be costing you dollars. On this page are five of the best trading monitors that money can buy. A few of them are going to set you back a pretty penny, but it is worth it.

You are going to be ending up with a decent sized monitor which is quick and easy to read.

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Plus, when you have a quality trading monitor, it is going to be more than worth it. It will actually save you cash in the long run. Before we start diving into the wealth of monitors on the market, I do want to briefly run you through how I came to the conclusion that these are among the best monitors in the first place. However, this list is a fabulous place to start. This is because I am of the opinion that it is better spending a little bit of cash up front at the start, because in the long run this is probably going to save you a whole lot more money.

For starters, we have selected monitors based upon their overall size. You want there to be the ability to have as much information on the screen as possible.

There are some people out there who may have 3 or 4 monitor set-ups, but I never really felt the need to have such an extensive set-up when you can fit most of that information on a single monitor. Yes, the amount of space that you have on your desk is going to be a factor in your decision, but once you start trading full-time, I guarantee that you are going to be able to afford a desk which is a little bit bigger than the one you have now!

This means that you will want to choose a couple of monitors, and they need to be compatible with one another. Yeah, a Windows operating computer is going to allow you to easily set up multiple monitors, but that is the extent they will go.

Good trading monitors will allow you to clip everything together. Not a big deal, but it does allow you a more streamlined set-up. One of the reasons as to why we are not recommending some of the cheaper monitors on this page is simply for the fact that they are a bit unclear if you want to read them.Modern markets have evolved into vastly complicated organisms with thousands of data points competing for attention.

It's our job to transform this information flood into an efficient set of charts, tickers, indexes and indicators that support our profit objectives.

Part of this task requires observation of broad market forces, while the balance demands a narrow focus on specific securities used to execute our strategies. Most traders have real-life jobs and responsibilities away from home, forcing them to access the markets through pint-sized smartphones, gathering the information needed to assume new risk and manage open positions to a profitable or unprofitable conclusion. A fortunate minority sits at home or in a proprietary shop and trades full time.

These folks need more detailed on-screen information because they're assuming greater risk. In addition, these traders need to set aside space for incubation of future opportunities, with a focus on market groups not currently being traded.

How many monitors do at-home traders need to watch the markets efficiently? The answer has changed over the years because monitor prices have dropped substantially while graphics cards now routinely support multiple monitor setups. Given the low cost, it makes sense to add as many monitors as you can fit comfortably in the space set aside for the function, while not exceeding your budget or your ability to promptly analyze the information you put on them.

Generally speaking, traders do a poor job capturing the three types of information needed to support a comprehensive visual analysis: market observation, position management and incubator. Each square inch of screen space wasted with unnecessary charts or data contributes to an incomplete view that can be costly in an active trading style.

Nearly all traders have made the most common mistake at some point in the careers, i. Reserve charting for must-watch tickers, with a second group set to different time frames that link to a single symbol from the watch list. If space is limited, add a time frame toolbar to fewer charts and flip through different settings on that chart.

Specific time frames utilized for this analysis should match your market approach. While not set in stone, the following settings offer a good starting point:.

trading monitors

Must-have charts may include the following:. ET and ending at p. ET, and a second hour minute futures chart that tracks overnight action in Asia and Europe. This second chart is enormously useful in getting up to speed when you open your workstation in the morning.Build your trading muscle with no added pressure of the market.

I did not have one of those custom setups where a company builds you some supercharged desktop machine with a chassis of monitors stacked on top of each other. I had three monitors directly in front of me on a desk with a fourth monitor ever so slightly elevated off the floor on top of the desktop.

The three monitors were each 20 inches with the fourth monitor right around I think the number of monitors gave me a greater feeling of control or maybe I was doing something significant because my setup resembled the cockpit of an F fighter plane.

I am going to help you save some money by showing you that all you need is one monitor to successfully day trade for a living. You would almost need a staff of people to track all of the happenings on each screen. With the advent of technology, trading platforms have moved towards a widget based model.

The concept of widgets allows you to show and control multiple components of a trading application on one screen. This development has completely eliminated the need for more than one monitor. Over time I began to realize that by focusing on one screen it allowed me t0 reduce market noise. To make the move to one screen you have to do more with less. For me, it was a matter of breaking the monitor up into three sections.

The left side of the monitor provides your roadmap. The center is for your primary trading time frame and the right is for the next time frame up. To see an example of this please look at the image below. The left side of the monitor I have my roadmap for trading. A roadmap consists of the tools which allow me to look at the broad market at a glance and then drill down into specific buy and sell signals in a matter of seconds.

These are the stocks that have increased volatility likely due to some sort of news event. I keep the market movers in the upper left-hand corner of the screen so I always have my eyes on the prize. In terms of tracking, you will want to keep the top twenty decliners and top twenty gainers in your list. Depending on your system mine has very strict rules for opening a position tracking forty stocks will often present you with three to six trading opportunities of the day.

trading monitors

Forty symbols sound like a large number, but this assumes you start reviewing your charts before the market opens. If you sit down at your desk at am and expect to be successful, you are kidding yourself. Trading requires proper planning like any other business. So, you should start cycling through the plays no later than am. When using the market movers you will want to sort the stocks by percentage gain in descending order. In terms of biggest decliners, you will want to do the reverse and show these in ascending order for percentage gainers.

Your trading software should be able to alter the ranking of these symbols based on their latest quote. Your trading software should also allow you to click the symbol from the market movers section which in turn updates the chart in the middle of your screen.

My Trading Gaming SETUP

The linking of market movers to your main chart area by simply clicking the symbol will save you loads of time when analyzing the market. Volume is a big part of analyzing the trades available in the stock market. For me I like to see on average 40, to 50, shares trade hands every 5 minutes, so you will want to make sure your market movers have either already pre-screened high volume stocks or it provides you the ability to filter your results.As a newbie, you may want to kick-off your trading career on your laptop or phone.

Indeed, a good monitor can help you access more details on price history. This way, you can spot more support and resistance regions. However, in a world full of options, picking the ideal monitor to complement your style of trading requires some research. Indeed, this monitor surpasses every other unit we have reviewed in terms of screen uniformity and color saturation. Thanks to its vast array of calibration options, it stands out as a friendly deal to beginners and pros alike. This goes a long way in keeping this monitor fast and efficient which is definitely a plus every day trader would like to leverage on.

Thanks to its super-high refresh rate of 60Hz, the screen offers wide viewing angles with an aspect ratio of to ensure that you enjoy every bit of your trading journey. Away from the screen itself, the U is small, smart and sturdy. Its stand feels quite stable plus it offers smooth movements with a superb range of ergonomic adjustments. As far as picture quality is concerned, this monitor produces decent pictures with a respectable contrast ratio.

Designed to deliver crisp-clear and accurately vibrant images, this monitor leaves nothing to chance when it comes to presenting you with a high-quality display. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, this unit ensures you never miss out of a great moment on the markets. The external design of this monitor is quite good. In addition to the generous screen size, this monitor offers you a Hz refresh rate which gives you a significant advantage especially when faced with a volatile trading scenario.

8 Monitors Day Trading Computer - July 2020

The professional grade monitor is renowned for its outstanding gray-scale, UHD-image performance. The bezels are extremely thin and black in color, to an extent that the image seems to appear from an unrestricted background.

This is a big plus for big-time traders who might be interested in enjoying an abundance of display options. As far as performance is concerned, this monitor does an incredible job of delivering UHD picture quality with sharp image details and vibrant colors. Even better, the shades of gray are evenly gradated achieving a clean dark to light contrast.

However, this difference may only be noticed in gaming and, therefore, this monitor would still be good enough for basic day trading. This is probably one of the best professional-class monitors to grace the stock trading realm. Armed with a inch QHD screen, this powerful hardware offers a high degree of adjustability and flexibility. With a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, the Dell P Series leaves nothing to chance in ensuring you capture all the subtle details of your trade.

On top of that, this high-end calibration is easy on the eye — meaning you can even stare at the monitor for a whole day without really straining. But in order for that to happen, you need to, first of all, understand your specific needs.The Avalon two monitor matrix is a compact configuration of two monitors that will give you a much better view of the market than a single monitor.

The Avalan two monitor horizontal matrix can hold monitors up to 27" in size. The Valero two monitor vertical matrix is a scalable approach to building a multiple monitor setup.

The Valero can hold monitors up to 27" in size. When more than one Valero matrix is used they can be configured in a curve of almost any radius. The Saratoga three monitor matrix simplified multitasking. Spread out your charts so you can get a better view of what the market is doing. The Saratoga monitor matrix can hold monitors up to 27" in size. It uses a single piece stand with a single foot base. The base providees a strong, stable structure to hold the monitors. It also curves to allow for better viewing angles on the side monitors, which can also be turned inward for even better viewing.

If you follow the markets, then the Saratoga is allows you to do so easily. The Seneca four monitor matrix is a compact configuration of four monitors that will give you an excellent view of the market. It that can hold monitors up to 27" in size. The Seneca uses a single piece stand with a single foot base. The base provides a strong stable structure to hold the monitors. The bottom row of monitors should be set lower than you would with one or two monitors.

Doing so will make it easy to view the upper row of monitors. If you follow the markets closely, then the Seneca is the minimum you need to do it well.

The Sienna six monitor matrix is a fully customizable package that can hold monitors up to 27" in size. Six monitors is the most commonly ordered configuration by full-time professional traders.

Isn't it time that you got the big picture every trading day with six big monitors? The Barcelona eight monitor matrix is a fully customizable package that can hold monitors up to 27" in size. The Barcelona is composed of a two piece stand with each piece having its own base, two monitors, and independent of the other pieces. Eight monitors is the most commonly ordered configuration by full-time private traders.

Isn't it time that you got the big picture every trading day with eight monitors? Computer monitors come in different sizes and shapes. Some shapes are easier to fit together when building monitor arrays than others. The number of pixels is also important for detail and more charts. Full HD, x resolution in a aspect ratio allows for several charts at once.

Small details and text are clear. Larger resolutions can be supported by our trading computers, but come in larger screen sizes not support by monitor stands.

trading monitors

The inch or inch monitor size is the best value for the number of pixels available. You can get up to six of these on one monitor stand. Greater screen sizes, while they may may have a higher resolution, do not fit monitor stands. Allows for saving space by putting display on a stand. Our monitors use xmm. Our stands are compatible with 75x75mm. Straight frames are best for fitting monitors together on a stand and prevents.If you work on the road and need to be mobile with your laptop computer setup.

Being limited to a single monitor can be frustrating. Even worse detrimental to your productivity. It makes sense to consider a portable addition monitor. Weight: 1. Resolution: p. Weight: 6. Weight: 7. Weight: 2 lbs or 1 kgs. One or two stand alone portable monitors is in my opinion the best option for a portable trading workstation. Most portable monitors are compatible with all laptops.

Portable monitors connect via a single USB for power and data transmission. The monitors are free standing. They sit along side your laptop for a clean, flexible and simple solution. A simple but stylish stand solution for portable monitors is the adjustable iPad Stand. The stand can be adjusted for height and angle for more comfortable viewing position. There are several advantages to this type of setup. These make it the best option for a portable multiple monitor laptop setup.

These are:. Below is a list of 5 best portable monitors for day trading on the market today. Any of these monitors are great options for someone looking for a portable monitor. This list considers 3 main criteria: durability, price and quality. All come with excellent features. As well as trade offs which will be more or less of a consideration depending on your requirements. But its features lend the monitor well to any portable application. This monitor is full of great features and is highly rated among its users.


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