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K20A2 vs K20A3. Thread starter pissedoffsol Start date Feb 9, With the new K-seires motors around us, there is a need for new information about the motors themselves. This article won't deal with swapping it in any car- but rather comparing the two variants.

The k20a2 and the k20a3 share the same 2. However, pretty much the entire internals and external bolt ons couldn't be more different. The k20a2 has higher compression pistons, more agressive cams, dual valve springs, and a tri-Y header with larger primaries than the k20a3.

If that wasn't enough, the K20a2 has a completely different - and more advanced - method of iVTEC than the a3. VTC, in both cases, is simply a hydraulically controlled adjustable cam sprocket that varies intake cam timing on the fly depending on engine speed and load. VTC does not affect the exhaust cam. Like a B-series, the cam has 2 profiles on 1 shaft.

At about rpm, the middle rocker stops resting on the lost motion assembly, and picks up to follow the large lobe. Nothing new. At low rpm, the two intake valves operate with different cam lobes.

One valve gets the primary lobe the taller lobe and the other gets the secondary lobe shorter. The exhaust valves always get shoved open by a single lobe with no tricks at all. When VTEC kicks in at rpm, both valves start following the primary lobe. That's it. There's no rpm kick in the seat. All of that is enough for the A2 to boast a 40 horsepower and nearly 20 ft-lbs of torque advantage over the A3.

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Accept Learn moreā€¦.What's New? Log in. Remember Me? K20a3 block k20a2 head???? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: K20a3 block k20a2 head???? Ok im pretty much new to the k series. Nd it does not take much to knw the ep motor sucks. Sooo i was wounderin if its possible to keep my stock block nd swap the a2 head nd wat would be needed Nd would i need to swap my tranny to a six speed nd change my wire harness.

Im planning on gettin k pro. So if anyone has done this or knws how to do this i would appreciate it.

K20A2 vs K20A3

It's a waste of time. Do some reading around and you'll find that the k20a3 bottom end can't handle the high rev's. You'll be looking for a new bottom end sooner rather than later. The connecting rods are too weak, our oil pumps are too weak, and the rod journals are too small.

You'll be picking pieces of block out of your oil pan. You can definitely do that. The most whp you'll see NA is a touch over whp because of our low compression. The other things I'd add would be a Mugen or Spoon head gasket to bump compression, although you shrink your quench area and a CRV final gear drive at 5. You're car will be much quicker than anybody expects it to be. Become a Sponsored Member.

Need a service manual for your K-series?


Originally Posted by whatsvtec. Last edited by MugenReplica; at AM. Time for a little history lesson for those who haven't been around since After swapping the K20a3 head back onto the K20a3, he blows the engine.

If you believe the K20a3 can't handle modest revs 8. I hope that explains all of it.The K20A3 intake ports are smaller and have specially shaped aluminum cutouts in the port floor to enhance turbulence. This probably helps low end torque at the expense of top end power. The K20A3 uses only two cam lobe profiles on the inlet. Under rpm, this engine is a effectively a 12 valve engine, and over rpm it is a 16 valve. Basically, this head does not breath well compared to the K20A2.

It seems designed for low end torque, emissions and economy. The K20A2 head uses three cams per pair of inlet valves on both the exhaust and inlet. The low lift cams on this head are probably very similar to the high lift cams on the K20A3. The high lift cams engage at rpm and disengage at rpm. The short runners contribute to top end power from rpm. The switch to short runners is made at on increasing revs and back to long runners at on descending revs.

The throttle body is 60 mm in diameter. The long runner is 38mm in diameter by mm. This is quite narrow and provides a high intake velocity, peaking torque at rpm. The short runners measure 40 by mm. In this dyno chart, the long runners were locked on and tested against their normal operation. If only the short runners were used a loss in high end power would be seen.

Completely aluminum this manifold heats the incoming air by contact with a metal gasket to the head and by transmitting heat from the hot radiator air. Gains are to be made by cooling this manifold. Two options are to us the Hondata intake gasket and to ceramic coat the intake. This manifold seems to breath very well. The intake cam can be advanced by as much as 50 degrees.

Advancing the cam at part throttle generates an EGR effect where some exhaust gas enters the intake.

K-Series Engine Family Breakdown - K-Series Refresher

Oil pressure fed to either side of the lobes in cam advance mechanism allows the ECU to continuously advance or retard the cam to meet either emissions or power requirements. As far as power is concerned this allows Honda to optimize torque across the entire rev range. For the technically minded, this is a complex rapidly acting closed loop feedback system.It's been more than a decade since Honda introduced its K-series engine family and a lot's changed since then.

What was first met with resentment from Honda fans all-too complacent with B18Cs and LS-VTECs has developed into it becoming the engine of choice, especially for naturally aspirated hard-liners who pine for cubic inches and a modernized valvetrain.

Thirteen years later, though, and there's a whole lot of K-series engines to sort through, which can make choosing the right one downright baffling. You don't need to be told that not all K-series engines are the same.

Pick the wrong one and you might have been better off putting up with whatever B-series you've shunned as its predecessor. And none of this has ever been more true than now, especially when considering Honda's new fleet of K-series engines that care more about reduced emissions and fuel consumption than they do horsepower and upgradability. Follow along as we break down Honda's most popular K-series powerplants, from past to present. But first, a little history.

Following a year reign, the B-series was finally nixed and, in late, replaced with the then-unfamiliar K20A2, K20A3, and K24A1. The new platform's most notable differences when compared to previous four-cylinder Honda mills is its direct-fire ignition system, reverse layout, and clockwise rotation.

To improve catalytic converter light-off by positioning the engine's exhaust side toward the rear of the vehicle, Honda developed a clockwise-rotating architecture, which is a whole lot different than the decades worth of counter-clockwise-rotating engines the company's become famous for. The number of K-series engine designations aren't few, but fortunately almost all of them can be traced back to Honda's initial K20A2 and K20A3.

Unofficially known as performance i-VTEC, such engines feature Honda's most impressive valvetrain to date. At the heart is something you've heard of: VTEC. Like its predecessors, inside the cylinder head lies Honda's hydraulically operated variable valve timing system. Simple and elegant, VTEC allows the engine to alternate between two different camshaft profiles depending on various conditions. Here, a specialized camshaft gear allows for continuously variable intake camshaft phasing throughout the RPM range.

Based upon all sorts of things that the driver needn't worry about, like camshaft position, ignition timing, exhaust oxygen content, and throttle position, a degree range of camshaft phasing can occur degree range on K24A2. Much like VTEC, the camshaft gear is electronically controlled and hydraulically driven, resulting in reduced timing at idle and advanced timing at higher engine speeds, which increases valve overlap and power.

The advantages up top span beyond the valvetrain.

k20a3 head

Performance i-VTEC engines also feature more optimally shaped intake and exhaust ports when compared to the B-series and larger ports when compared to other K-series engines.

On the intake side, they form a nearly straight path. On the exhaust side, they're free of the humps typically found within B-series ports. K-series engines also benefit from sophisticated roller rocker arms, which reduce valvetrain friction and allow for all manner of billet camshafts.

This is in stark contrast to older Honda engines that feature standard, pad-style rocker arms. Down below, every 2. Also known as a square design, such engine architectures are a good compromise between decent low-end torque and adequate top end power. The 2. In terms of crankshafts, each is forged from high-quality steel, but only performance i-VTEC versions feature a fully counter-weighted design. Performance i-VTEC engines also feature under-piston oil squirters for increased cooling, stronger connecting rods and, generally, higher-compression pistons.

Although engine geometry and ancillaries such as intake manifolds, throttle bodies, and exhaust manifolds may differ between them, they all share more in common than not and make up some of the most desirable K-series engines.

Compared to economy-minded K-series engines, the K20A2 features larger intake and exhaust ports, a higher, As is the case with all performance i-VTEC engines, a stiffer, cast-aluminum oil pan is also incorporated that increases overall rigidity.

As Acura performed its mid-model refresh on its RSX, a revised K20Z1 was placed underneath its hood for the model's final two years of production. Generally speaking, there isn't much difference between the K20A2 and the K20Z1 other than slightly more aggressive camshafts, a higher-flowing catalytic converter, as well as a larger intake duct and exhaust, which altogether net another 10 horsepower.

The Si's powertrain is unsurprisingly similar to the K20A2 with the exception of its electronics and ancillaries, the most notable of which are its free-flowing intake manifold and drive-by-wire throttle body.

The K20Z3's intake manifold, also known as the RBC manifold, which is indicative of Honda's parts naming system, has gone on to serve as one of the most popular bolt-ons for non-Z3 K-series engines because of its exceptionally short runners, straight-through design, and high-flowing capabilities. K20Z3 engines also feature revised camshaft profiles when compared to older engines as well as internal balance shafts, which, in an effort to minimize engine vibrations, sacrifice a bit of power.

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Technical Information RSX VTEC and VTC

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k20a3 head

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